Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Ok, I am back

So here I am at day 3 of my new job. I am no longer an office manager. I am now an IT admin support person, which I find hilarious, since I sometimes refer to my computer as the box on my desk. I really don't have that much to do right now, and the guys who are training me are both out for the day. So I have been reading CNN, other people's blogs, and shopping online. My new job is great! Although with no work, I am actually a little tired and could actually use a nap. The Seinfeld episode where George starts sleeping under his desk comes to mind....

Thursday, April 21, 2005

cloudy Thursday

So today my bosses are both gone, so I am free to surf the web, but damn! I've seen everything! I wish I had some new sites to visit. I bought some clothes yesterday online that are really meant for teens, but oh well. They will probably look like doll clothes when I get them. I got the biggest size they had. I need to buy my mom a mother's day/birthday gift. Where to look??

Monday, June 21, 2004

Feeling mad and helpless

The beheading of Paul Johnson really upset me. He reminded me (in looks, a little) of my dad (who died a couple of years ago of a heart attack at age 54). I mean, I KNEW they were going to kill him, but man. What was he thinking those last few hours? What would you do if you were in that position? I mean, do YOU know you are going to die? Would you try to kill yourself? Try to reason with the terrorists? Beg for your life like that poor Korean guy? He is probably dead as I write this. How much pain would you feel in a beheading? Would you pass out immediately? I don't think so. I watched the Nick Berg video, and he just wailed. That was the worst part- hearing him scream. And he KEPT screaming. I would rather be shot.

Tuesday, June 01, 2004

the weekend

So we had planned for a really busy weekend, but both of our dinner dates cancelled on us, so it was just us all weekend. That was kind of nice. Friday night we went to Lebanese Village and had tapas. It was pretty good. Not wonderful. Then we went home and watched Don't Say a Word. It was pretty good. Then T. did computer stuff and I watched like 5 episodes of SATC back to back! I couldn't stop! Went to bed at 1-ish. Sat. we went out to breakfast then came back and cleaned up the house. I mean REALLY cleaned up. We napped, then got ready to go out to dinner with J. and G. Like less than an hour before they were supposed to be at the house he called and cancelled. G. was sick. So. We decided to go someplace else to eat- we went to Thai Spice. Good stuff. Then we came home and watched Miss Congeniality. Watched a little Stern- Courtney Love was on it AGAIN. She is really screwy. Sunday we went out to breakfast again. Ran some errands. Went to Tequila Grande for dinner. Had a coconut margarita. Watched the Duran Duran and Smiths DVD's that I got for Xmas. Monday we went out for breakfast AGAIN. I know. Then we cleaned up some and ran some more errands. Napped. Went to Las Tapas for dinner. Sat next to a bachelorette party that was really loud. We asked to be moved. :-0 All in all it was a great lazy weekend filled with good food.

Thursday, May 27, 2004

my weekend

I was thinking I was going to have a nice, relaxing weekend (a 3-dayer), but, alas, that is not to be. I have pet-sitting all weekend (only 1 job, so not terrible), and dinner plans every night. Saturday we are going out with Jason and Gail (they might sleep over) and Sunday it's Barbara and David. So much for rest and relaxation. I feel like we have just been zooming around. I just want to sleep the entire 3 days. Oh well. It could be fun.

I might go check out some Memorial Day sales around. I have been selling so much stuff onEbay I have nothing left to wear.

I will be sending out my resume this weekend too. I think to 2 places. We shall see what comes of that.

Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Terror Alert

So, my theory on the new terror alert is that this is all part of Bush's plan. He is going to see how this announcement of new possible terrorist activity helps his ratings, and if they go up, then we will raise the terror alert. What is it, orange? I mean, who would want to change their leadership right in the middle of a terror watch? You don't want a newbie at the helm during all of this, do you??

The good news is that I sent T. the Post article about Matthew Scully, and he sent it to a co-worker (I don't know why). This co-worker (J.) wants to read Scully's book now! So I gave him my paperback copy. I think he is intrigued by Matthew being an animal activist, YET he is Republican AND religious. How can that be??? So. That's good. Maybe he will become enlightened.

Tonight we are going to see guitar legend Dick Dale (again). He really puts on a good show.

Tuesday, May 25, 2004


So T. and I decided to go for our nightly walk a little earlier than normal tonight, since it's supposed to storm. So we get about 1/4 way through our normal route and it starts sprinkling. So I start walking as fast as I can, trying to beat the thing. We had to abort our plan- it was really thundering and lightening. I think I got a better than normal workout from all the hard walking. And we only got a little wet.

Barbara cancelled on me for dinner tonight. Her strep has turned into bronchitis. We rescheduled for next week.

I think I am going to change the sheets/duvet cover on the spare bedroom bed, then get cozy in my bed and read my new InStyle and Marie Claire that arrived today.

career choices for me

So I need to decide what to do with my life. Am I considered middle-aged? I am 36. I majored in art-education in college, ran a restaurant for 8 years, and now I am the office manager at a non-profit. I am not happy. But I don't know exactly what will make me happy. I have started taking yoga classes, which I really love. Should I become a yoga teacher? I could make alot of money (maybe?) and get fit at the same time. I love to paint. Should I become a painter and starve? I like to write.... I need suggestions. I don't want to work weekends or nights, and I travel ALOT. I need career counseling. Discuss.

my first post

So-welcome to my blog! I am going to tell you allllll about myself, and then you can comment, and yadda yadda yadda.