Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Terror Alert

So, my theory on the new terror alert is that this is all part of Bush's plan. He is going to see how this announcement of new possible terrorist activity helps his ratings, and if they go up, then we will raise the terror alert. What is it, orange? I mean, who would want to change their leadership right in the middle of a terror watch? You don't want a newbie at the helm during all of this, do you??

The good news is that I sent T. the Post article about Matthew Scully, and he sent it to a co-worker (I don't know why). This co-worker (J.) wants to read Scully's book now! So I gave him my paperback copy. I think he is intrigued by Matthew being an animal activist, YET he is Republican AND religious. How can that be??? So. That's good. Maybe he will become enlightened.

Tonight we are going to see guitar legend Dick Dale (again). He really puts on a good show.


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