Monday, June 21, 2004

Feeling mad and helpless

The beheading of Paul Johnson really upset me. He reminded me (in looks, a little) of my dad (who died a couple of years ago of a heart attack at age 54). I mean, I KNEW they were going to kill him, but man. What was he thinking those last few hours? What would you do if you were in that position? I mean, do YOU know you are going to die? Would you try to kill yourself? Try to reason with the terrorists? Beg for your life like that poor Korean guy? He is probably dead as I write this. How much pain would you feel in a beheading? Would you pass out immediately? I don't think so. I watched the Nick Berg video, and he just wailed. That was the worst part- hearing him scream. And he KEPT screaming. I would rather be shot.

Tuesday, June 01, 2004

the weekend

So we had planned for a really busy weekend, but both of our dinner dates cancelled on us, so it was just us all weekend. That was kind of nice. Friday night we went to Lebanese Village and had tapas. It was pretty good. Not wonderful. Then we went home and watched Don't Say a Word. It was pretty good. Then T. did computer stuff and I watched like 5 episodes of SATC back to back! I couldn't stop! Went to bed at 1-ish. Sat. we went out to breakfast then came back and cleaned up the house. I mean REALLY cleaned up. We napped, then got ready to go out to dinner with J. and G. Like less than an hour before they were supposed to be at the house he called and cancelled. G. was sick. So. We decided to go someplace else to eat- we went to Thai Spice. Good stuff. Then we came home and watched Miss Congeniality. Watched a little Stern- Courtney Love was on it AGAIN. She is really screwy. Sunday we went out to breakfast again. Ran some errands. Went to Tequila Grande for dinner. Had a coconut margarita. Watched the Duran Duran and Smiths DVD's that I got for Xmas. Monday we went out for breakfast AGAIN. I know. Then we cleaned up some and ran some more errands. Napped. Went to Las Tapas for dinner. Sat next to a bachelorette party that was really loud. We asked to be moved. :-0 All in all it was a great lazy weekend filled with good food.